Ducktales Vol 04 Fowl Play Graphic Novels published by Idw Publishing

Ducktales Vol 04 Fowl Play

Idw Publishing

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Donald and Scrooge go on a fishing trip but stumble on the campsite of Ma Beagle! Then, when Donald, Scrooge, and the boys search for the treasure of the two-headed horse, they get a few more heads than they were bargaining for! And when Scrooge goes missing, his family is on the case! But what if he doesn't want to be found? Finally, when his lineage is brought into question, Scrooge and the kids take a trip to Scotland! This volume features six new tales and collects issues #9-11 of the ongoing series. Advance solicited for February release! Collects stories inspired by the new critically acclaimed Disney Channel series! Idw Publishing
(W) Alessandro Ferrari, Steve Behling, Joey Cavaleri (A) Ciro Cangialosi, Christina Stella, Gianfranco Florio (Ca) Marco Ghiglione