Ducktales (Paperback) Vol 06 Mischief And Miscreants Graphic Novels published by Idw Publishing

Ducktales (Paperback) Vol 06 Mischief And Miscreants

Idw Publishing

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It's another exciting collection of all-new adventures with three special double-length stories! What will Uncle Scrooge, Gyro Gearloose, Mrs. Beakley, Webby, Huey, Dewey, and Louie get up to this time? Find out in "The Greatest Invention He's Never Had," "The Incredible Shrinking Webby," and "Marooned in Mystery Manor!" Collects DuckTales issues #15-17. Available in November. Idw Publishing
(W) Steve Behling, Joe Caramagna (A) Gianfranco Florio, Ciro Cangialosi, Danilo Loizedda (Ca) Marco Ghiglione