Green Lantern Kyle Rayner (Paperback) Vol 02 Graphic Novels published by Dc Comics

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner (Paperback) Vol 02

Dc Comics

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Hal Jordan has returned. Refusing to accept responsibly for his actions, Hal looks to reclaim his mantle as Green Lantern from Kyle Rayner! With his sights set on Kyle's power ring, Hal will take it back by any means necessary. Collects GREEN LANTERN #58-65, NEW TITANS #124-125, DARKSTARS #34, GUY GARDNER: WARRIOR #27-28 and DAMAGE #16. Dc Comics
(W) Ron Marz, Mary Wolfman, Tom Joyner, Michael Jan Freidman, Beau Smith (A) Mark D. Bright, Ron Lim, Mike Collins, Mitch Byrd, Will Rosado, Jason Armstrong, Andy Smith, Cully Hamner, Fred Haynes, Joe St. Pierre, Dan Davis, Keith Champagne, Ken Branch, Terry Austin, Mike Decarlo, Jordi Ensign, Phyllis Novin (Ca) Romeo Tanghal (A/Ca) Darryl Banks