Save Yourself (2021 Boom!) #2 (Of 4) Cvr B Gonzaga Comic Books published by Boom! Studios

Save Yourself (2021 Boom!) #2 (Of 4) Cvr B Gonzaga

Boom! Studios

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Just as Gigi's entire world is turned upside down, she is transported to the headquarters of the Cosmic Federation with her brother-in-law Shawn and the alien they just met, Mia. As Gigi and Shawn's understanding of the universe expands at warp speed and they are pulled into a new world of galaxy alliances and secret agents, they make a shocking and devastating realization. The more pressing matter at hand however is safeguarding them from the Lovely Trio now that they know the shocking truth! Boom! Studios
(W) Bones Leopard (A) Kelly Matthews, Nichole Matthews (Ca) Stephanie Gonzaga