Cat & Cat Gn Vol 04 Scaredy Cat Graphic Novels published by Papercutz

Cat & Cat Gn Vol 04 Scaredy Cat


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After a long day of chasing around Sushi the cat, paying attention to Sushi the cat, and catering to Sushi the cat's every whim, Sushi's owner Cat and her dad get exhausted. But you did know that cats are nocturnal, right? And when Cat and her dad are away, sleeping, Sushi the cat will play... much like when Cat's dad is off with his new girlfriend, Sam. Cat and Sam's kid Virgil will get up to tricks as well, like fitting Sushi with a go-pro camera. Who knows what insanity will ensue next? But we're sure it'll be another catastrophe! Available in softcover and hardcover editions. Papercutz
(W) Christophe Cazenove, Herve Richez (A) Yrgane Ramon