Flapper Queens Women Cartoonists Of Jazz Age (Hardcover) Graphic Novels published by Fantagraphics Books

Flapper Queens Women Cartoonists Of Jazz Age (Hardcover)

Fantagraphics Books

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In the 1920's, women got the vote. They smoked, drank, shortened their hair and tossed their corsets. It was a revolution, and Fantagraphics celebrates that revolution with a collection of full-color strips documenting well-known cartoonists such as Ethel Hays and Nell Brinkley and also artists like art-deco illustrator Eleanor Schorer, fashion chronicler Edith Stevens and Virginia Huget, whose girls were seemingly always in a euphoric state of Charleston. Trina Robbins presents a liberating hardcover book filled with illustrations and comic strips. Fantagraphics Books
(W/A/Ca) Trina Robbins