Commanders in Crisis (2020 Image) #12 (Of 12) Cvr A Tinto (Mature) Comic Books published by Image Comics

Commanders in Crisis (2020 Image) #12 (Of 12) Cvr A Tinto (Mature)

Image Comics

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SERIES FINALE All this time, the Crisis Command has fought to undo what's been done. From the death of empathy, to the passage of the American Individuality Act, they've tried to preserve what they thought was right, what the world needed. But with all of existence in the hands of the world's population, in OUR hands, thanks to the power of a word, will the ideas of the past save us? Or will they die to give birth to something new? Superheroes haven't saved the world, so the Crisis Command, and all of us, have to be something better. Image Comics
(W) Steve Orlando, L.a. Thornhill (A/Ca) Davide Tinto