Witches Of Brooklyn Sc Gn Vol 02 What The Hex Graphic Novels published by Random House Graphic

Witches Of Brooklyn Sc Gn Vol 02 What The Hex

Random House Graphic

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Could there be even more witches in Brooklyn?! Effie is excited to meet so many witches, but what is going on with her friends? Suddenly Effie is no longer the newest kid in school, and it seems like her friends are happy to grow their little group, but Effie isn't so sure. On top of that, learning magic is hard work! Effie just wants to have fun being a witch, but her life in Brooklyn is about to get weird(er). The bewitching second book in the Witches of Brooklyn series captures what it means to be a friend, and how growing up can be a little less scary if you throw some magic in the mix. Available in softcover and hardcover. Random House Graphic
(W) Sophie Escabasse (A) Sophie Escabasse