Samurai Heaven and Earth (2004 Dark Horse) (1st Series) #3 (Of 5) Comic Books published by Dark Horse Comics

Samurai Heaven and Earth (2004 Dark Horse) (1st Series) #3 (Of 5)

Dark Horse Comics

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The samurai Shiro has left a bloody trail behind him, journeying from feudal Japan to China in pursuit of his kidnapped love, the lady Yoshiko. But he has remained a step behind her captors all the way across 18th-century Europe. Now he finds himself in the teeming streets of Paris, a stranger in a very strange land. Crossing swords with the king's Musketeers, Shiro is drawn into a plot against the king-and realizes the only way to be reunited with Yoshiko may be to assassinate Louis XIV! More samurai action in an unexpected setting from top creators Ron Marz and Luke Ross. Dark Horse Comics
(W) Ron Marz (A/Ca) Luke Ross