Shaman King Omnibus (Paperback) Vol 05 Manga published by Kodansha Comics

Shaman King Omnibus (Paperback) Vol 05

Kodansha Comics

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In a world where shamans communicate with the dead and call forth the power of legendary spirits to defeat their enemies in both body and soul, Yoh is a teenager with the ultimate ambition: to become the Shaman King, the one and only shaman who may commune with the Great Spirit and help remake the world for the better. But the road to this pinnacle of spiritual power runs through the Shaman Fight, a gauntlet of battles with rival mediums who call forth dizzying powers from the world of the dead in their own bids for the crown. This volume corresponds to volumes 13-15 of the original release, featuring updated translation and lettering. Kodansha Comics
(W/A/Ca) Hiroyuki Takei