Unwanted Undead Adventurer (Manga) Vol 02 Manga published by J-Novel Club

Unwanted Undead Adventurer (Manga) Vol 02

J-Novel Club

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The craving for human flesh! Rentt's inhumane tendencies out of control. Having awoken in the Water Moon Dungeon as a Skeleton after being consumed by a dragon, Rentt has finally obtained a body with some flesh on it, all thanks to the phenomenon known as Existential Evolution. When he returns to investigate an uncharted path within the labyrinth, however, a magic circle trap is set off, teleporting Rentt to an unfamiliar place. The room he finds himself in is none other than the deepest part of the dungeon - the boss chamber. Who will win? A Giant Skeleton powered by the very energies of the labyrinth itself, or a Ghoul with the experience and weapons of an adventurer? J-Novel Club
(W) Yu Okano (A) Haiji Nakasone