Atlantis Attacks: The Original Epic (Paperback) Graphic Novels published by Marvel Comics

Atlantis Attacks: The Original Epic (Paperback)

Marvel Comics

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Evil undersea monarchs Ghaur and Llyra plot to summon the elder god Set — and the surface world’s greatest heroes must unite to stop the demonic creature from rising! The Atlantean villains quickly dispatch Namor, and kidnap seven super-powered women — including She-Hulk, Storm and the Scarlet Witch — to become enthralled “brides” for Set’s seven serpent heads. As Atlantean forces assault the surface world, Earth’s heroes must act quickly to stop every facet of the villains’ complex plot! Can they turn the tide, or will a wave of ancient evil drown the world? COLLECTING: New Mutants (1983) 76; material from Silver Surfer Annual (1988) 2, Iron Man Annual (1970) 10, Avengers West Coast (1989) 56, Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 26, Avengers West Coast Annual (1989) 4, X-Men Annual (1970) 13, Amazing Spider-Man Annual (1964) 23, Punisher Annual (1988) 2, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual (1979) 9, Daredevil Annual (1967) 5, Avengers Annual (1967) 18, New Mutants Annual (1984) 5, X-Factor Annual (1986) 4, Web of Spider-Man Annual (1985) 5, Thor Annual (1966) 14, Fantastic Four Annual (1963) 22. Marvel Comics
(W) Steve Englehart (A) David Michelinie