Marauders Annual (2022 Marvel) #1 Comic Books published by Marvel Comics

Marauders Annual (2022 Marvel) #1

Marvel Comics

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A NEW CREW SETS SAIL! With Kate Pryde at the helm, the Marauders are ready to renew their mission of mutant rescue! She's got the mission - all she needs now is a new boat and a fresh crew to match. Pryde and Bishop must unite a crew of mutants, new and old, to spring Daken from imprisonment at the hands of a leader who's as cruel as he is charismatic: the primal provocateur known as Brimstone Love! It's the Marauders versus the Theater of Pain, a torture troupe that's set up shop in Xavier's School's old backyard! Come aboard for the first adventure as Steve Orlando takes the helm with our sea-faring mutants! ONE-SHOT / RATED T+ Marvel Comics
(W) Steve Orlando (A) Creees Lee (Ca) Russell Dauterman