Faraway Paladin Omnibus (Manga) Vol 02 Manga published by J-Novel Club

Faraway Paladin Omnibus (Manga) Vol 02

J-Novel Club

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In the fight against death, Will finds a new guiding light-and not a moment too soon. He must quickly learn to take what he gains in the face of great loss and soldier boldly, reverently forward into the future. With new life and purpose, Will takes his first steps out into the world. Yet life on the outside is harsh. The land where beasts roam and demons maraud is a dark one. Even the kindness of strangers can be cruel here. The bustling city, too, is cloaked in shadows all its own. Will must continue to fight, both for his life and the light he now carries with him. J-Novel Club
(W) Kanata Yanagino (A) Mutsumi Okubashi