Forgotten Queen (2019 Valiant) #1 Cvr B Kalvachev Comic Books published by Valiant Entertainment Llc

Forgotten Queen (2019 Valiant) #1 Cvr B Kalvachev

Valiant Entertainment Llc

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Long ago, the mighty generals of the Mongol Empire rode from Siberia to Carpathia and conquered all who stood in their way. Legends tell of a witch who walked with them, who could infect the hearts of any warriors in her midst with an unquenchable thirst for battle and bloodshed... a War Monger. And now she is walking again. This winter, an ancient evil will stir as rising star writer Tini Howard (Captain America Annual #1, Assasinistas) and powerhouse artist Amilcar Pinna (Generation X) unleash hell in a brand-new saga of honor, love, and savagery that's centuries in the making! Valiant Entertainment Llc
(W) Tini Howard (A) Amilcar Pinna (Ca) Viktor Kalvachev