Joneses (2022 AWA) #1 (Of 5) Cvr A Gallagher (Mature) Comic Books published by Artists Writers & Artisans Inc

Joneses (2022 AWA) #1 (Of 5) Cvr A Gallagher (Mature)

Artists Writers & Artisans Inc

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Spinning out of the pages of The Resistance, The Joneses focuses on a suburban family with a big secret: In the global pandemic known as the "Great Death," mother, father, sister and brother were all transformed into something superhuman. While the world embraces fascism born of fear, the Joneses realize they face grave consequences if they are exposed as "Reborns." Do they keep a low profile and hide in plain sight...or use their powers for good and risk exposure? Artists Writers & Artisans Inc
(W) Michael Moreci (A) Alessandro Vitti, Ive Svorcina (Ca) John Gallagher