A-Force (2016 Marvel) (2nd Series) #6 Comic Books published by Marvel Comics

A-Force (2016 Marvel) (2nd Series) #6

Marvel Comics

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• The mysterious (and formerly looking like a Dragon!) Countess has taken over the town A-Force came to save, rebuilding it in her own image and with a mind-controlled NICO MINORU at her side. It's A-FORCE vs NICO and the team (and one innocent town!) is learning the hard way just how powerful Nico can be. Will this be the end of A-Force at the hands of one of their own? •  Or will SHE-HULK'S risky (okay, sure, some say insane) plan, allow them to live long enough to fight another day?! Rated T+

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Marvel Comics
(W) Kelly Thompson (A) Ben Caldwell, Scott Hanna (Ca) Ben Caldwell