Mind Mgmt Bootleg (2022 Dark Horse) #1 (Of 4) Cvr A Dalrymple Comic Books published by Dark Horse Comics

Mind Mgmt Bootleg (2022 Dark Horse) #1 (Of 4) Cvr A Dalrymple

Dark Horse Comics

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MIND MGMT is: weird, mind-blowing, paranoid storytelling. It is the first ever comic book from Flux House, Matt Kindt's all-new imprint which features crime, science fiction, and humor stories, all told in startling and untraditional ways. Upcoming publications will take many forms, and the polybagged variant versions of MIND MGMT will contain a card that is playable as a playing card or as part of a new Flux House game. Previously in MIND MGMT: a covert government agency of psychic superspies fell into oblivion after one of their top agents went rogue. What looked like the end was only the beginning as a former leader of MIND MGMT explores the darkest parts of the world and recruits a team of forgotten agents to rebuild the organization, bend reality, and go to war with a competing agency. Dark Horse Comics
(W) Matt Kindt (A/Ca) Farel Dalrymple