Eight Billion Genies (2022 Image) #1 (Of 8) 3rd Ptg (Mature) Comic Books published by Image Comics

Eight Billion Genies (2022 Image) #1 (Of 8) 3rd Ptg (Mature)

Image Comics

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SERIES PREMIERE    If you had one wish...what would you wish for? Now, what if everyone else had one wish too? That's EIGHT BILLION GENIES, the new eight-issue series from CHARLES SOULE & RYAN BROWNE (CURSE WORDS). At exactly the same moment, everyone on earth gets a genie and one wish. All hell breaks loose, in a very entertaining way...and that's just the beginning. Buckle in for the wildest ride of the year! Image Comics
(W) Charles Soule (A/Ca) Ryan Browne