X-Men Legends (2022 Marvel) (2nd Series) #2 Comic Books published by Marvel Comics

X-Men Legends (2022 Marvel) (2nd Series) #2

Marvel Comics

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WOLVERINE...VERSUS THE X-MEN?! •  Department H has sent their operative WEAPON X, A.K.A. WOLVERINE, on a mission to retrieve "dangerous individuals" - who just so happen to be mutants known as the X-MEN! •  But what sinister forces are moving the mutants against each other, and how does it play into Wolverine's eventual membership on the team? •  At last - X-Men and Marvel legend Roy Thomas reveals a missing link between Wolverine's appearance in HULK #182 and joining the X-Men in GIANT-SIZE X-MEN! RATED T+ Marvel Comics
(W) Roy Thomas (A) Dave Wachter (Ca) Kaare Andrews