Fairy Tail Omnibus (Manga) Vol 03 (Mature) Manga published by Kodansha Comics

Fairy Tail Omnibus (Manga) Vol 03 (Mature)

Kodansha Comics

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Experience the magical adventures of Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray, and all the wizards of the Fairy Tail world in a new, large-sized, three-in-1 omnibus format! Fairy Tail's rival guild, Phantom Lord, has taken the competition to dangerous levels by smashing the Fairy Tail building and nearly killing three wizards. What is Fairy Tail's response? Full-frontal assault on the Phantom Lord! But this class is all part of the Phantom Lord's evil plot to capture a coveted prize. This omnibus contains Volumes 7-9. Kodansha Comics
(W) Hiro Mashima