Alpha Flight Divided We Stand (Paperback) Graphic Novels published by Marvel Comics

Alpha Flight Divided We Stand (Paperback)

Marvel Comics

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The return of Canada's premier super-team! Guardian, Puck, Snowbird and Shaman reunite as Alpha Flight bursts back onto the scene! But what schism will pit these heroes against their former teammates Aurora, Northstar and Nemesis - as well as Aurora's beau, Fang? Is Alpha Flight really fighting to keep mutantkind out of Canada?! The FALL OF X has caused a serious schism within Department H and changed the game for Alpha Flight. The reborn team must find a way to soar to new heights - or be crushed under the weight of an impossible mission! But as a startling revelation about the new Nemesis rocks the team and the situation quickly goes south in the Canadian North, can Alpha Flight at last stand united? Or will Department H shut them down for good? Prepare for sacrifice, surprises and death! Collecting ALPHA FLIGHT (2023) #1-5. Rated T+ Marvel Comics
(W) Ed Brisson (A) Scott Godlewski (Ca) Leonard Kirk