Wolverine By Benjamin Percy (Hardcover) Vol 03 Graphic Novels published by Marvel Comics

Wolverine By Benjamin Percy (Hardcover) Vol 03

Marvel Comics

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Wolverine is Krakoa's best weapon - but that doesn't mean he always attacks exactly where the Beast aims him. And what Hank McCoy chooses to do about that is going to set Logan on a startling path that will redefine his future! What is Beast's secret agenda? And how has it turned Logan...savage? Prepare for a betrayal that will change everything and send Wolverine deep into the Pit of Exile! Meanwhile, Beast will stop at nothing to protect Krakoa as he sees fit. But having lost the faith of Logan and X-Force, there's only one mutant left he can turn to: himself! Hank's last-ditch effort to save mutantkind leads to Wolverine facing some very familiar adversaries. When the Weapons of X lock blades, who will be the last Logan standing?! Collecting WOLVERINE (2020) #26-32, #33 (A STORY) and #34-35 and #37-40. Marvel Comics
(W) Ben Percy (A) Juan Jose Ryp (Ca) Leinil Yu