Initial D Omnibus (Manga) Vol 02 Manga published by Kodansha Comics

Initial D Omnibus (Manga) Vol 02

Kodansha Comics

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Is gripping truly king in racing? That is what Takeshi Nakazoto of the Myogi Night Kids wants to prove with his GT-R against Takumi Fujiwara's specially tuned Trueno Eight-Six. Mount Akina's downhill may not necessarily be that easy of a race, and an overpowered engine and inflated ego may turn a deadly corner. What's more, the racing scene is wondering if Takumi can replicate his drift skills on a run other than Mount Akina, while Takumi shows nascent signs of a racing obsession. Contains a new translation of Initial D volumes 3 & 4. Kodansha Comics
(W/A/Ca) Shuichi Shigeno