Dangerous Convenience Store (Manhwa) Vol 03 Manga published by Seven Seas Entertainment Llc

Dangerous Convenience Store (Manhwa) Vol 03

Seven Seas Entertainment Llc

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When Gunwoo tells Eui-joon that he likes him and wants to go out, Eui-joon is thrown for a loop. Still, Eui-joon can't deny his growing feelings for the stoic gangster, despite knowing nothing about his past or private life, and agrees to a date, hoping he'll learn more about Gunwoo. Instead, he has a rough encounter with one of Gunwoo's associates, the violent and terrifying Chaehyun. Just what is Chaehyun to Gunwoo? And what does his sudden appearance mean for Eui-joon and Gunwoo's budding relationship? Seven Seas Entertainment Llc
(W/A/Ca) 945/Gusao