Toxic Summer (2024 Oni Press) #2 (Of 3) Cvr A Derek Charm Comic Books published by Oni Press

Toxic Summer (2024 Oni Press) #2 (Of 3) Cvr A Derek Charm

Oni Press

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BEACH BLANKET BLOODBATH! Eisner Award–nominated cartoonist Derek Charm (Jughead) is headed back to the beach for the next suntan lotion-lathered chapter of the summer’s most tongue-in-cheek frightfest! Ben and Leo arrive at the bonfire beach party ready to cut loose, only to find the site seemingly abandoned in the wake of the attack . . . until Amy nabs them from her hiding place! Together they learn from Roger—Amy’s dad and the same man they rescued in a catatonic state in the ocean with GLOWING EYES the night before—that this toxic spill and the emergence of tentacled monsters from the deep began right after he removed an ancient relic of a highly advanced civilization from the ocean floor. Is there still time to return it and get this sexy summer back on track? Oni Press
(W/A/Ca) Derek Charm