Canto (Hardcover) Vol 02 Hollow Men Graphic Novels published by Dark Horse Comics

Canto (Hardcover) Vol 02 Hollow Men

Dark Horse Comics

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Once Upon a Time a little tin slave with a clock for a heart broke all the rules-he found love, took a name, and escaped his masters, embarking on an epic journey to save his beloved. Though his adventure didn't turn out as planned, he returned to his people and led them to freedom. The freedom Canto won is in danger when he discovers his people's clocks will stop unless they return to captivity. He and his friends Falco, Rikta, and Veratta embark on a new, perilous adventure to save the lives of all their people. On their quest, they'll encounter old friends, relentless monsters, and the village of the mysterious Hollow Men. Canto and his friends must lift the curse and save their people before their time runs out. Dark Horse Comics
(W) David M. Booher (A) Drew Zucker, Phillip Sevy